Fitness goals are different for everyone. Some people aim to lose weight. Others work on building strength. And some people – like Club Julian member Melody M. – prefer to dance their way to fitness!

Melody at Club Julian photoAfter years of riding her stationary bike at home and trying out different gyms, Melody felt dissatisfied and bored with her workout routine. As an avid dancer and athlete, she craved a place where she could exercise while enjoying dance. She researched all of the fitness facilities in the area and was pleased to see that Club Julian had the largest selection of group fitness classes, including choreography-based classes every day of the week. Jackpot!

Melody joined Club Julian a year and a half ago and has been moving to the beat ever since. She works out seven days a week and does group fitness classes exclusively. You can find her anywhere, from Shawn’s Monday morning Zumba to Kathy’s Saturday Cardio Fusion – even Trainer Mike’s famous “Everything But” class. Her all-time favorite is RAvEnergy with Deawna, a Zumba-style dance class set to Top 40 and hip hop tunes.

Interestingly, for as much as she loves to dance, Melody actually does not have a formal dance background. As a child, her elementary school hosted a special square-dancing lesson in gym class, and a group of school administrators chose her to join a traveling dance team. In college, she took ballroom dance classes. Growing up, Melody’s family traveled the world, and she’d pick up new dance styles from the locals wherever she went.

So does Melody ever get bored with all the dancing? “Never!” she insists. “Each teacher has their own style, which makes it fun. It’s different every time. Plus, there are so many classes to choose from. It’s never a chore to work out because there’s so much variety.”

Melody at the Gym photoGroup fitness has benefitted Melody in ways beyond staying in shape. A few years ago, hitting a weight loss plateau despite hours of daily exercise convinced her to see a doctor, who diagnosed her with thyroid cancer. It was quickly treated, and she was able to jump back into her fitness regimen without losing an ounce of enthusiasm.

Being a Club Julian member is even helping Melody to set a good example for her four kids, ages 8-24. Her youngest daughter is a dance fanatic, too, and can’t wait until she’s old enough to join Club Julian herself.

We’re thrilled that Melody is having so much success and wish her all the best with her group fitness endeavors! If you are interested in setting your own fitness goals, our personal trainers are ready to help. Schedule your appointment at the trainer’s desk upstairs.

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