At a time in life when many women decide to take it easy, Club Julian’s Bonnie Hamrahi is taking her fitness to the next level. At age 75, she is shattering personal bests in the weight room as well as various stereotypes relating to aging and metabolism and the value of strength training for women.

Bonnie Working Out photoUnder the careful tutelage of personal trainer Daine Williams, Bonnie has achieved incredible progress in terms of strength performance. In less than a year at Club Julian, she increased her bench press from 10 reps at 45 lbs. to 65 lbs. with 10 reps. She has increased her dead lifts by nearly 50 lbs. to an impressive 150 lbs. for 10 reps using the hex bar. She now can squat 245 lbs. more than 10 times, and can also perform 9 unassisted chin-ups.

The results have been absolutely remarkable, not only in terms of gaining strength as an older female, but also in regard to weight loss. Many women believe that heavy lifting will make them larger and musclebound, but Bonnie has dropped from 128 lbs. to a lean 115 lbs. on a 5’1’’ frame. According to Trainer Daine, Bonnie’s routine includes both aerobic and anabolic calorie burn exercises. She mixes her strength training with cardio, including group exercise classes. “Weight loss requires a balanced approach, and Bonnie does it very well because she knows what a good rest period is,” says Daine. “She takes the proper 72 hours to recover and she builds. A lot of people feel they have to do it every other day and they force it. She consistently does things the right way.”

Bonnie, who worked as a science teacher for 35 years followed by a decade of service in the health care field, sees the benefits of her workout regimen in her everyday life. “I am a gardening freak, also,” says Bonnie, who tends to more than 130 rose bushes and an array of other plants and flowers at her North Hills home. “This has increased my stamina in the garden; I can stay out there for hours and hours.”

While it is commonly believed that increasing metabolism is very difficult for older adults, especially post-menopausal women, Trainer Daine points to Bonnie as proof positive that it can be done. “It’s all about what you are willing to do to your body, how you are willing to adjust. Your metabolism will adjust to what you choose to do,” says Daine.

Daine also says that you have to stay active and be more disciplined with your diet as you get older, and for many individuals, that entails a total lifestyle change. Bonnie agrees, and says that she became a self-described “health food addict” later in life, eating a different variety of healthy foods each day. She emphatically believes in the value of using a personal trainer, a service that is offered at no additional cost at Club Julian. “Daine always comes up with ‘weird’ things for me to do – but I love it!” she says. “I think you do better when there is always someone there for you.”

And apparently, Bonnie is doing just fine. Congratulations to Club Julian member Bonnie Hamrahi on her success!