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Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Education/Degrees:  Health Science/Gerontology Minor

Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Why did you decide to become a personal trainer?

A hobby that quickly  turned into a passion, which sparked a purpose to help others become healthier, happier and a stronger version of themselves.

What excites you most about your work at Club Julian?

The members and staff are all friendly and welcoming which makes for a one-of-a-kind, great community of people bettering their health and well-being.  This is an amazing opportunity to be able to help many people because all Club Julian members can take part in personal training, which isn’t the case at most fitness centers.

What should someone expect when they train with you?  What do you expect from them?

Honestly, trust and communication that goes both ways.  If you are willing to do the work and learn what it truly takes to become healthier, stronger, and to build a great body then you need to understand and realize that it is going to take time, consistency, patience, and even failure.  Understand that failing is a good thing and part of the process. Failing means you are trying. Lastly, this is not something you can rush. It didn’t take 2-4 weeks for you to become out of shape or unhealthy, so do not expect a quick fix.  This is about long-term health and well-being. Anything quick does not last. And as long as you are trying and doing the work, you will get 100 percent effort and support from me.

What is your favorite type of workout to do personally?

Full body strength training.

What is your favorite sport/sports team?

Pittsburgh Penguins and Steelers.