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Hometown: Glenshaw, PA

Education/Degrees:  Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Pennsylvania State University

Certifications: CPR/First Aid, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Why did you decide to become a personal trainer?

I played sports growing up and my coaches over the years made a huge impact on my life.  I wanted to be able to give back to others and help them achieve their true potential. Personal training just seemed like a perfect blend of athletics and helping others.

What excites you most about your work at Club Julian?

The moments where members realize the potential that I saw in them from Day One and assisting them in visualizing a future where health and fitness are a big part of their lives. 

What should someone expect when they train with you?  What do you expect from them?

Training with me should be challenging but fun.  I am looking to push people out of their comfort zones to make progress.  I use a lot of science in my training to explain why we do things and how to do them.  I expect effort from the people I am working with based on their ability.

What is your favorite type of workout to do personally?

I enjoy body strength training because it has always been a weakness and I am proud when I accomplish tasks that I used to think might not be possible.  HIIT Training is also a favorite for me as well.

What is your favorite sport/sports team?

Penn State football and volleyball, Team USA Volleyball, and the Steelers.