Here is Club Julian certified personal trainer Anthony Olick on better ways to get bigger!

CJ: Most people who come to Club Julian list weight loss as one of their primary goals. But there are members, mostly younger guys, who want to get bigger. What’s the first thing you tell them?

AO: That you have to train for hypertrophy (or the increase in volume of an organ or tissue aka: muscle growth). While everyone is different, general guidelines can usually help result in the growth of muscle fibers. In short, usually a weight that you can control with consistent form for many repetitions (12-15+). Also find a way to “shock the muscle.” Don’t limit yourself and think you have to go by a specific number of sets, reps, and weight. Utilize different angles and grips. Drop sets. Progressive overload. Super sets. Switch up your routine often. Basically, don’t let your muscles adapt to a monotonous routine.

CJ: What are the staple exercises that ALWAYS need to be part of the weekly routine?

AO: Staple exercises are your major compound lifts. Compound exercises are exercises that utilize multiple muscles and multiple joints. Examples would be the traditional Bench Press, Deadlift, and Squat. These are the building blocks to a stronger, fuller physique. I always try to incorporate 1-3 big compound movements pertaining to the specific muscle group I’m working on that day. Example… if I’m working Chest, I will incorporate the traditional bench press or dumbbell press always. If I’m working Legs, I will always incorporate the traditional Squat or maybe Leg Press… and so forth.

CJ: If a young guy came to you today saying, “I want to get bigger and stronger,” in the next 12 weeks, what could he reasonably expect in terms of progress as it relates to muscle gain?

AO: In 3 months, a great deal of progress can be made… but that depends on the person. How hard they work, how consistent they stay with their diet, how new they are to the game and many other things. Again, everyone is different. They adapt differently. They grow differently. Most beginners can expect around 3-10 lbs of lean muscle growth within 90 days. That really all depends on the individual.

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