Before you can begin getting your body back in shape, you have to get your mind right.  Club Julian certified personal trainer Mike Salamon shares some expert insights on the all-important mental aspects of launching your personal comeback campaign:

So, how many of you are at home right now, miss coming to the club, but for whatever reason have not come back yet? Maybe you feel uncomfortable because of the virus. That is understandable. Maybe you are just feeling unmotivated and depressed, which is unfortunate, but probably true for many people. Or maybe you just feel somewhat lost.  You haven’t gotten a chance to exercise much, have gained weight, and just don’t know how to get back into a routine. These are all common reasons.

I believe you all know how important exercise is for your overall health. You probably understand the physical reasons, but you may not realize how important it is for your mind, too. Not only can exercise itself help overcome feelings of depression, but the simple act of just coming back into the club can have so many unforeseen benefits.  Engaging with our staff, trainers, and fellow members was possibly more important than you realized and returning probably would have a positive effect on your outlook and mood especially as the weather begins to turn. People need socialization, especially face-to-face socialization.

So, how do you rediscover your motivation? There are a couple of strategies. First think back to when you first joined the club. What was it that appealed to you most about Club Julian?  How did you initially get into a healthy routine? Was it meeting regularly with a trainer? Was it taking classes? Was it simply the camaraderie? For many individuals, their work-out is one of the most enjoyable parts of their day.  What was it that got you going? For the most part, everything that you could do before the virus hit you can do now, you just have to figure out what motivates you and take the first step.

The other thing to consider if you’re having trouble motivating yourself is to start with what you enjoyed the most, whether that is cardio, lifting weights, swimming, walking the track, or classes. Yes, it is best to do a combination of weights and cardio, but to get you back in the groove, picking the thing you enjoy the most and doing it first is a great strategy.  And it is much better than not doing anything at all.

Finally, remember that personal training is included in your membership and speaking for all of our trainers, we are here to help you on any level.  If your first session is strictly a sit-down conversation about motivation – that’s fine.  Schedule an appointment, and let’s get started!