Club Julian is pleased to announce that face coverings are now optional for fully vaccinated members and our staff!  In accordance with PA Department of Health and CDC guidelines, we are officially easing restrictions on the use of masks in all areas of the club for those who have received the vaccines and have completed the required vaccination follow-up period.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank our members and staff for their cooperation, sacrifices, and loyalty throughout this very difficult time,” says Mike Savrese, Club Julian general manager.  “Through it all, our main priority has been safety, and without everyone working together that would not have been possible.  Now, we feel the time has come when we can continue to operate safely without the mask mandates in place.”  

The revised mask policy follows other eased policy restrictions at Club Julian including the return of sauna and steam in recent days.  We will also look to make more lockers available for use. 

Although the mask mandate has now been lifted for vaccinated members, certain COVID safety protocols will remain in place including pre-registration and capacity limits for group fitness classes. We will continue to take 30 minutes after every group fitness class to clean and disinfect the room and equipment.  And according to Mr. Savrese, Club Julian also intends to continue to employ some of the deep cleaning measures instituted during the pandemic as well as the enhanced airflow/ventilation measures and plexiglass installations for the immediate future.

“The pandemic illustrated to everyone just how important cleanliness is to the safety and well-being of our members,” explains Mr. Savrese.  “And although the COVID-based restrictions are easing up, our commitment to cleanliness at Club Julian will remain a top priority as always.”