Members returning for workouts will experience many changes when Club Julian reopens its doors on June 15th.  Some of the new protocols, like plexiglass, masks, equipment spacing, and hand sanitizing stations will be very evident.  Other measures, like the intensive deep cleaning processes that took place during the shutdown or the enhanced continuous cleaning practices now being adopted by the staff will not be obvious, but in keeping with Club Julian’s long standing reputation for cleanliness and member safety, you can be assured that CJ is well prepared and totally committed to safe operations in the “new normal” fitness facility environment.

“Club Julian has always placed a tremendous emphasis on cleanliness.  Reputationally, it’s a big part of who we are and what we are known for,” says Mike Savrese, general manager.  “What has made that possible in large part is a pervasive mindset.  We think about cleanliness as part of the Club Julian experience, it’s always top-of-mind here.  And that goes not only for our cleaning personnel, but our entire staff, AND our members.  Club Julian’s reputation for cleanliness has been earned through a collaborative effort, and I expect that to continue during our phased reopening because we all care about the Club and each other.”

During the three-month shutdown, Club Julian implemented a comprehensive deep cleaning of the entire facility using high-grade EPA-approved cleaning products in an effort to totally eliminate any remnants of the coronavirus and other germs on surfaces.  More hand sanitizing stations were constructed throughout the facility.  Members will also have access to additional disinfectant bottles to wipe down equipment – which now will be a required practice after the use of every piece of equipment, dumbbell, barbell, exercise mat, band, etc.  

As prescribed by State and industry guidelines, Club Julian is changing air filters more frequently.  Additional overnight staff will work to sanitize all areas with electrostatic handheld sprayers.  And as part of daily operational procedure, CJ managers, trainers, and other personnel will pitch in to support the efforts of our frontline “grime fighter” cleaning staff through continuous facility-wide cleaning.  “As I already stated, cleanliness has always been a big focus for us, but now during the reopening it will be priority one – absolutely,” says Mr. Savrese.  “We want our members to know that we are ready to welcome you back, we are working together to do everything we possibly can to keep you safe, and together we will get through this.”