Getting Strong Now

The most common reason why people initially engage in a fitness routine is weight loss.  While the need to “drop a few pounds” will always drive a large percentage of new memberships, for many, including a growing number of females, getting bigger and/or stronger is the end game.  But where does one start, especially if they don’t have experience in strength training?  

There is such an incredible diversity of strength training techniques, technology, and equipment today.  While these elements can be very advantageous for novice and expert alike, there is a downside.  So much can go sideways in strength training.  Improper use of equipment, workout misinformation, poorly designed and sequenced routines, incorrect form, unrealistic expectations, etc. can derail progress and result in lackluster gains, or worse, serious injury.

But if you are interested in seeing where a journey in strength training can take you, a smart way to start is with a Club Julian personal trainer.  As part of your membership, you have access to a tremendous knowledge resource that will help you safely achieve gains and reach goals.  Whether you are an experienced weightlifter looking to get to the next level or someone just getting started, CJ personal trainers have the “workout wisdom” to elevate your strength training game.  Just ask Club Julian member Charles, who trained with CJ’s certified personal trainer Anthony Olick soon after he joined.  “I didn’t know when I started how to do any of this,” says Charles.  “Anthony has made all the difference.”  Check out his story here:

Now is the perfect time to start strength training.  Set up your training appointment today by calling (412) 366-1931.  Club Julian 24-Hour Fitness – “Changing the Way You See Fit.”