Over its 30 year history, Club Julian 24-Hour Fitness has built a strong reputation for featuring a wide range of high-quality group fitness classes that are not only physically and mentally beneficial, but also fun, motivational, and inclusive.  “Group fitness at Club Julian is a unique experience,” says club manager Sue Ash, who has overseen the program for more than a decade. “We have a first-rate resource in our group fitness room.  The club has experienced, certified instructors who understand our members and their needs.  Our group fitness participants are among our most loyal and longstanding members.  They love it.”

Group fitness instructor Angie Thomson has taught classes for 20 years, including a half decade at Club Julian.  She is a real fan favorite among CJ members because of her positive attitude, patience, and boundless energy.  Angie is certified in numerous aerobic classes including Step, Pilates, POUND, Yoga, Body Sculpt, and others, but her “real love” is Zumba, a class she has taught for 15 years.  “You just lose yourself in it,” she says.  “You forget you are even exercising.”

According to Angie, one of the unique aspects of group fitness at Club Julian is that it builds community.  In fact, retention rates among group fitness participants are consistently higher than other membership groups not only at Club Julian but industrywide.  Angie believes that success in the group fitness space stems from the interaction members have with each other and the connection they form with the instructor.  She says she tries to learn something about each member who regularly attends her classes at Club Julian.  “I try to get to know them.  I want them to feel part of something in my class.”

Angie adds that her ideal group fitness class isn’t measured by numbers in attendance, but by smiles on faces.  “What I want to see from members of all age groups is improvement, definitely, but I also like seeing them enjoy the experience” she says.   “I just love seeing people benefit from the exercise.  It makes me feel good to see them keep coming back to class and knowing that they feel comfortable in class.”

Angie says conducting classes during the COVID-19 pandemic was a challenge at first as everyone tried to adapt to breathing and communication with masks.  But for the most part, members appreciate the safety protocols put in place during the pandemic.  “Members know that safety and cleanliness are a priority at Club Julian,” she says. “I work at different clubs and I see it all.   And I always say that if you’re looking for cleanliness and a friendly workout environment where you can be a part of something – Club Julian is the place to join.  Everybody fits in here.”

Interested in re-energizing your workout routine by trying something new?  Check out Club Julian’s terrific group fitness schedule online: Aerobics Schedule – Club Julian 24 Hour Fitness.  Angie and all of the great CJ instructors absolutely love welcoming new members to their workout experience, and they invite you to be a part of something special.  “I always tell new members to just be yourself in my class, because I am going to be who I am,” says Angie.  “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; I screw up instructing all the time, but I just keep going.  Just have FUN!”

Be sure to check out our Group Fitness at Club Julian Facebook group to chat with like-minded members and get class updates from some of our fabulous instructors, including Angie!