Results don’t just happen. Lasting change occurs only when the desire to improve outweighs the natural inclination to stay the same. When Robbie Netz (27) of Cranberry decided that he needed to make a change to improve his health and quality of life, he had the necessary motivation. But as a self-described non-athlete growing up, what was missing was knowledge, support, and opportunity – all of which he found at Club Julian 24-Hour Fitness.

After doing his homework on North Hills fitness facilities, Robbie joined Club Julian primarily because he saw value in free personal training as part of his membership. “Working out with a trainer is what really sold me on Club Julian,” he explains. “Coming into a gym overweight is really intimidating and not something that I was sure I wanted to do. Being able to work with a trainer really helped ease me into it.”

When Robbie started at CJ last November, he weighed 330 lbs., the heaviest he had ever been. His goal was to lose weight for a friend’s wedding a year later, and with the help of Trainer Anthony, he embarked on a regular workout routine revolving mainly around strength training with regular cardio blended in. “Anthony really listened to me about what I thought worked and doesn’t work with my body, and he made a plan that I was comfortable doing on my own,” says Robbie.

After about a month or two at Club Julian under the supervision of Trainer Anthony, Robbie began to feel very comfortable and confident in his independent workouts to the point where he could just “grab his chart and go.” And that’s when his progress really began to take off. “It was a challenge to get the confidence to do it on my own and not just rely on the training appointments. I know now that I can do it on my own.”

According to Trainer Anthony, consistency has been the key to the success of Robbie Netz. “He’s one of my favorite members – always willing to work and he wants to do things the right way,” reports Anthony.

Weight loss results from strength training tend to take a little longer to achieve. However, they are more sustainable. Robbie noticed that he was not only losing weight – more than 70lbs in one year – but he was also adding muscle. He also began to notice that his jeans were getting looser and he looked a bit more “buff” in a t-shirt. “Every time I ever tried to lose weight, my focus was just on the scale,” admits Robbie. “But now that I am doing strength training, I am instead focusing on how my clothes fit.”

A WVU grad, Robbie is employed as a marketing professional at a local firm. His busy schedule hasn’t kept him out of the gym however, as he is now up to six days a week in his workout routine including weekly sessions with Anthony. He has also become more disciplined with his diet. Robbie says his friends and coworkers have definitely noticed his leaner, more sculpted appearance, as well as a change in his attitude. “I feel good. I have a lot more energy – not as tired all the time as I used to be,” says Robbie. “And, I am happier.”


Making a change in your life can be as easy as making an appointment with Trainer Anthony or one of Club Julian’s other certified personal trainers. And it’s FREE with your Club Julian membership! Get started today and “Change the Way You See Fit!”