When you hear the word “aerobics,” visions of leggings, leotards, sweatbands and jazzercize tapes might come to mind. You know, something like this:

Cool, right?

While those days are thankfully over, we can assure you group fitness is alive and well – and a really fun way to get in a solid workout. Club Julian offers more than 70 group fitness classes every week, and we’ve been providing the most complete and innovative line-up in the North Hills for almost 30 years. (Editor’s note: Covid restrictions have temporarily affected our schedule, but we’re working on adding back more classes!)

Here are seven great reasons to give it a try today:

1. Relieve stress – There are few better ways to block out the stress and chaos of daily life than by working up a sweat. Whether your style is a more challenging HIIT routine or meditative yoga, we promise a workout class will leave you feeling better than when you started.

2. Experienced, certified instructors – Our instructors are the real deal and love what they do! They constantly become certified for fun, new offerings like Barre and Heavy Beats.

3. Be part of a community – Sometimes it’s more fun to work out with friends! Group fitness classes are a great way to meet new people and build off each other’s energy. We even have a Facebook group just for group fitness fans!

4. Eliminate boredom – Treadmill today, treadmill tomorrow, treadmill forever… It’s easy to fall into a rut when you work out on your own. Shake things up with group classes that cover any type of exercise you could want! There are classes that focus on toning muscle, building strength, cardio, and dance/choreography for those who love to move to the beat

5. Good in any weather – Sure, it feels amazing to be able to exercise outside. And while we’d never tell you to give up kayaking, biking, and all the things you love to do outdoors, Pittsburgh weather is totally unpredictable. Group fitness classes are a great way to add some consistency into the mix, thanks to a climate controlled and well-lit studio, so you can stay active no matter how dark and cold or sweltering hot it is outside.

6. Stay motivated – If you have trouble pushing yourself and meeting your goals, group fitness may be the perfect solution for you. Our fitness instructors are great at motivating people and pushing them to new limits and are always willing to offer modified moves to help beginners or challenge seasoned pros.

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7. Take advantage of the pool – Club Julian’s Wet Area is super convenient for anyone looking for a unique group fitness experience and is especially great for people with injuries, arthritis, or who are recovering from surgery.