When you really break down and examine your exercise routine, your workout is only half of the equation.  The other half is recovery, and today many fitness experts are strongly emphasizing the value and benefits of various post-workout recovery components including nutrition, proper hydration, and adequate sleep as part of the overall wellness continuum.

Massage is also a core recovery strategy for many people.  Busy adults however do not always have time to schedule regular conventional massage sessions, which in addition to being time-consuming, can also be very expensive.  With Club Julian’s new Hydromassage service, members can now enjoy the benefits of massage almost whenever they want at a very affordable cost!  The Hydromassage Center will be conveniently located near the entrance of Club Julian and will be operational 24/7 during regular operating hours.

Starting next week, Club Julian will offer the latest in Hydromassage 44x Lounge technology for members to use on a pay per visit, package, or even unlimited basis.  Pricing options include the following:

  • Each Hydromassage session is 10 minutes in duration and is available for $10 per session
  • 5-session package for $40 and a 10-session package for $70
  • Unlimited use for either a $150 flat yearly fee or monthly EFT of $15 per month (see Club for details)

Interested?  Then check it out!  For a limited time, you can get a complimentary 10-minute single Hydromassage session!  Just visit the front desk and get your FREE “Experience Card” today!  One card per member.  Cards are not transferable.

Don’t miss your opportunity to experience total relaxation as part of your fitness routine with Club Julian’s new Hydromassage Service.  Ask about it today at the front desk or check out this link for more information: https://www.hydromassage.com/products/lounge-440x/