Summer is almost upon us, and next week Club Julian will look to get a head start on the heat with a major HVAC renovation project.  Beginning May 9th, we will be replacing all six of the facility’s rooftop HVAC units within a 7-day period.  Although the work will not impede access to any of Club Julian’s first or second floor amenities or significantly impact parking, there may be temperature fluctuations in various areas of the facility as the work progresses.  The result of the work, however, will be a more consistently comfortable workout environment for years to come regardless of the season.

The HVAC project represents Phase II of spring renovation work.  Recently, Club Julian completed a comprehensive lighting upgrade by replacing all existing lighting with state-of-the-art LED lighting systems.  The upgrade should enhance brightness and visibility in all areas of the Club and will be far more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.  “The renovation project underscores Club Julian’s longstanding commitment to the safety and comfort of its members.  It is an investment that will positively impact the quality of the Club experience for all members, year round,” explains Mike Savrese, General Manager.

If you have questions regarding the HVAC project work and how it will affect areas of the Club, please consult the front desk.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.